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Supply and demand networked
Bazar allows your company access to a networked market where offer and demand products and services.
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What Bazar offers?

Search and publish demands and offers. Negotiate, buy and sell. Follow the activities of companies that interest you and find best suppliers and customers anywhere in the world.

A global showcase for your company


Search and publish demands and offers. Negotiate, buy and sell. Follow the activity and communicate with businesses that interest us. Find customers and better suppliers anywhere in the world. Know the confidence level of each company

Create a bazar

If you have knowledge of free software and Ruby on Rails you can create a Bazar for companies in your environment..

This page you have all the documentation and source code::

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Why Bazar

Bazar is the first program developed by Garum and it combines the traditional functions of a b2b marketplace with a social layer that allows user/business interaction beyond mere monetary transaction.

Bazar is like a social network. Each company has its profile, look for companies that may be interested in their products or that provide with reliability at better prices.

Unlike a social network Bazar is aimed at businesses and business groups and associations. It is free software programmed in Ruby, has a distributed structure and serves to generate market